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Ambition 250 by Ergoline: This lay down tanning bed falls under our "Gold package" and is the most popular bed at Relaxed (but don't worry, we have 4 of them!). The Ambition 250 has 32 120W bulbs and three face bulbs to help get you bronze.

M55 Race by Soltron: This top of the line law down bed falls under our "Platinum package" and it does not disappoint. Each of our two M55 Races contain 40 160W bulbs on the top and bottom, 6 160W bulbs on the side, 8 shoulder bulbs, and 3 face bulbs. This bed will not leave an inch of you pale.

V60 Schuttle by Soltron: This stand up tanning bed is included under our "Gold Package" and is the strongest bed Relaxed carries. Composed of 50 200W bulbs, the V60 Schuttle gets you tanned in no time.

VersaSpa by MysticTan: VersaSpa is Relaxed's automated spray tan machine and is a customer favorite. VersaSpa uses a water based solution rather than oil to help you absorb the most color and give you an even tan. Also, VersaSpa's solution is a natural brown color, leaving you looking like you were at the beach rather than other machines that give off the "was swimming in carrots" vibe. Don't believe us? Come in and your first spray tan at Relaxed is just $10!

We have VersaSpa by MagicTAN!

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